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About Us

Ultrachase Cabinetry is a wholesaler of premium cabinetry items at affordable prices. We work along side construction contractors, interior designers and showrooms to provide the end customer the perfect style at a competitive price. In addition to our wide variety of kitchen cabinetry and bathroom vanities.


Ultrachase Cabinetry employs highly trained and knowledgeable sales representatives who will work with you from order to delivery, ensuring you receive your order on time. Our goal is to strengthen relationships with the leading companies in the industry all over the country to establish ourselves as a leader in the cabinetry market.


Ultrachase Cabinetry chooses business partners that value quality and share the same commitment to the customers. Ultrachase Cabinetry is dedicated to answer customers' needs with constant innovations in procurement, supply chain, logistics, competitive pricing, and premium quality products.

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